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Indulgences Gift Certificate Recipients



Novah has been serving our community for almost 20 years.  The Novah team has over 95 years of combined experience.  Our focus is and has been customer and community first and our goal is to always assist and help anyone we come into contact with, both professionally and personally.


We were sad to hear about the closing of Indulgences by Body Bronze.  Closing a business is never easy for the owners and most certainly the employees and clientele.

Upon hearing about Indulgences closing, the Novah team started to discuss how we might be able to assist those in the community with outstanding Gift Certificates and prepaid services.  


Effective March 5th 2018, we will start accepting Indulgences Gift Certificates


Dollar value of Indulgences Gift Certificates will be honored toward a 1-hour massage. 1 gift certificate per customer.  (Value $75.00)


We intend to honor Gift Certificates indefinitely.  We will attempt to prioritize by GC expiration dates.  Other exclusions may apply


Gift certificate must be presented at time of service.


When calling the clinic, you must inform us that you currently have an Indulgence gift certificate and it must be presented prior to service.


We will not attempt to sell you anything.   We will simply honor you and your Gift Certificates


We will continually assess the processes and existing exclusions to benefit the Indulgence gift certificate customers as well as the Novah staff and clientele.  We will be allocating appointments weekly.


Novah website will be updated regularly to reflect any changes (additions or exclusion).  also, follow us on Facebook - Novah Natural Therapy or call the clinic @ 501-225-5601


We plan to include our Esthetics services in the near future.